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Under loving support
of dance choreographer and director
Jozef Bednárik

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MAGIC NIGHT galashow

22. June 2013

MAGIC NIGHT in the afternoon

22. June 2013

 ON THE FOLK NOTE in the afternoon

8. June 2013

Folklore is the most beautiful thing that remained to us after our ancestors. In the Afternoon program raised the most beautiful Slovak folk dances and songs performed by several folk groups, the temperamental gypsy group and traditional country group.


8. June 2013

The evening program enchanted Folk Art Ensemble SĽUK with a new dance show "Krížom-Krážom." Great singer and dancer Janko Slezák sang the legendary song "Lipová lyžka" from the musical “Na skle maľované”.

Opening ceremony of dance Festival Golden dances

25. May 2013

The royal procession with Jožko Bednárik baptized and opened a summer dance weekends in Turčianske spa!

NOCHE CALIENTE in the afternoon

25. May 2013

In the Afternoon program 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm perform different artists and dance groups in the style of hot Latin American and Arabic dances.


25. May 2013

Cradle of Latin American dances is Cuba. Cuban singer Lazaro, Katarína Štumpfová and Matej Chren, Power of Rhythm, Grupo Caliente and Duo Aratron Aspis were the main stars of the first dance gala Golden dances.

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